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Charles Johnson Bio

Charles Johnson grew up fishing and hunting the lakes, rivers and mountains of east Alabama. Since he was able to walk he was tagging along with his dad to nearby lakes to fish. Later on it was squirrels and quail along with his passion for fall and spring turkey hunting. If it swam Charles has probably fished for it, bream, crappie and bass are some of his favorite species.

The outdoors has always been an important part of Charlesí life and heritage. He loves just getting outside and enjoying Godís creation.

In 2002 Charles became the Outdoor Editor for The Anniston Star, Alabamaís largest home owned newspaper, writing a column and a feature article each week. He also does the outdoor photography which accompanies his articles for the paper along with photos for outdoor magazines and internet sites.

From archery to bass tournaments to deer hunting, Charles tries to cover all aspects of the great outdoors. His writings can sometimes take on a humorous twist or become serious when dealing with topics such as firearm safety. Whatever the subject Charles enjoys writing as much as talking about anything outdoors.